Anti-Joke Castiel

Dean dressed as a character- ‘Rick Grimes’, he said, for Halloween. He spoke with a southern accent and insisted that we call him ‘sheriff’. 

I still don’t understand.


Dean has informed Sam and I that it is on his bucket list—a term which I do not understand seeing as buckets are not involved, to have intercourse in a canoe without tipping it. 

He has interesting goals in life.


Link to the TARDIS shoes for those that were interested!

They’re rather expensive because, well, the actual shoes that I buy aren’t cheap, and they’re fairly good quality. Plus I’ve got to cover the cost of the paints, time and effort I put into it. ]

[ Admin’s new school things for the upcoming year! The Sherlock backpack on the left was last year’s bag, and the right is the after shot, when I covered it up to turn it into Team Trenchcoat and Bowties. The bottom three pictures, obviously, are my TARDIS shoes. I know it’s a long shot, but if you’d be interested in buying in buying a bag or shoes with the above designs, shoot me an ask! We can talk prices if there shows enough interest. (: ]

Cas, what is your favorite candy?(◕‿◕)

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but if I had to pick, any of Honibe’s honey candy. -Castiel

Would you ever go back to Daphne now that you are human?

No. When Jimmy Novak went back to his wife after disappearing for a year, it did not go over very well. I feel like my situation isn’t much different. -Castiel

Hello, Cas! I was wondering if you, Sam, and Dean had any favorite movies? (: xx

I am fond of animated movies. Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland are personal favourites. -Castiel

Any old horror flicks. Q was good. You know, the flying serpent, Q? Godzilla, King Kong. Classics, man. -Dean

I don’t really have a favourite. The range of things I’ve even seen are whatever Dean sat me down to watch as a kid, and some romance movies with Jess. -Sam

Hi Cas! I just wanted to say 'hi' and send air hugs to you, Sam and Dean. Oh, and my question is, what kind of books do you enjoy reading and do you have a favourite?

Thank you for the air hugs. We appreciate them. Reading isn’t a very common past-time amongst the Winchesters and I. However, the times that I have, I took an interest into Grimm’s Fairy Tales. -Castiel

Like Cas said, I don’t read much myself. Does Dad’s journal and the crap-ton of research we do count? If I had to pick an author, Kurt Vonnegut or Stephen King. Slaughterhouse-Five and The Shining are where it’s at. -Dean

I guess I’ve taken a bit of an interest in the Sherlock Holmes book series. It’s pretty good. -Sam

Out of all the people/creatures you have encountered, which one would you most like to marry/have sexual relations?


But she’s dead now so that’s a little impossible.


Dear Castiel, I was wondering how your icon came to be that picture. While you are quite handsome, that is a very silly face.

Let’s just say that the flash on the camera wasn’t expected. -Castiel

Castiel, what do you think about the apparent season 9 spoilers?

I have not heard of these ‘spoilers’—what are they?


Can I touch you inappropriately? (:



Hey, can I borrow your trenchcoat? My friends told me that nobody would be able get it away from you. I an give you an adress that you might like....

It’s an overcoat, really. And I am a little sentimental when it comes to it. What is the purpose of you borrowing it? And address to where—or what?